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CoJo MFG Duck Blind | Smartbark Faux Bark Siding

CoJo was started in March of 2013 with an idea of how to make a Duck blind safer. This concept stems back to the Family's Patriarch, George B. Franklin Jr. My father carried his three sons hunting, from the time we were big enough to go. We were raised around guns and educated about gun safety at a very young age. He stated every time a gun was involved, "SAFETY FIRST". Every gun was treated like it was loaded and most were! I have raised my two children with the same principles and both of them are avid hunters.

You can find them on Facebook at

Faux Bark Siding

We were so please to be a part of this great project, please enjoy the photos below. If you would like to find out more about Barkclad Bark Siding please contact us today.



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