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SMARTBARK offers a tribute to the American Chestnut Tree!

SMARTBARK offers a tribute to the American Chestnut Tree! Take a look at our Chestnut Designs Old Style Chestnut is molded from original chestnut bark siding. Below is a recent project replacing 80-year-old original chestnut bark with our SmartBark!

Photo credit- @ the American Chestnut Foundation

"More than a century ago, nearly four billion American chestnut trees were growing in the eastern U.S. They were among the largest, tallest, and fastest-growing trees. The wood was rot-resistant, straight-grained, and suitable for furniture, fencing, and building. The nuts fed billions of wildlife, people and their livestock. It was almost a perfect tree, that is until a blight fungus killed it more than a century ago. The chestnut blight has been called the greatest ecological disaster to strike the world’s forests in all of history."

© The American Chestnut Foundation
© The American Chestnut Foundation

Old Style Chestnut comes in three color options, Timber Brown, Weathered Gray & Weathered Brown!

also available from the designers at Barkclad is the Elite Chestnut! It mimics the original Chestnut Bark as the days the Giants existed Barkclad is a member of the American Chestnut Foundation.

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Elite Chestnut installation Project!



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